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Resting in the shadows of obscurity is a place only mentioned in hushed voices and camp fire tales. A place where the darker side of Pern reigns out of sight, bringing about an influence warned against to those that wander down that path no one should dare go. Men and women live to survive with their wits and their own two hands, scavenging from the ignorant and reckless that travel on roads left unused or open seas without the guidance of a lighthouse near the shores to bring them home. Over the turns, the Holdless have been driven away from civilization, forced to endure the elements and trials of nature as they're driven from their homes. Exiles from the weyrs do what they can to make it through the cold nights and harsh days without the comfort of home and hearth. Then there are those, hidden by common dress and cunning smiles that do their business out of sight of the law for their own dark purposes. The pick pockets, thieves, outcasts, runaways and pirates… They come together, aiding or cheating to stay ahead of the game and away from the point of the knife.

Renegades of PernWorld is a part of PernWorld MUSH, an online roleplaying game.

PernWorld exists with permission from Anne McCaffrey and poses no challenge or threat to her works.

Dragonriders of Pern, 1968, 1998 is copyrighted and trademarked by Anne McCaffrey.

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OOC: We're looking for those willing to walk those roads less traveled to come to the dark side! The renegades have always been a prominent figure on Pern, tilting the scales from good and evil and can only be inspired by a mischievous imagination. What we are NOT looking for are pirate captains, immortal ninjas, and untouchable assassins. If you're looking for a taste of Pern without the monotony of Search in the area, join us at paper.mudmagic.com: 2211! Please check out +renhelp or @mail staff for any questions and we'll be looking forward to having those brave enough to survive. ;)


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