Here be the frequently asked questions! When we get them, they'll be here. ;)

  • Q: If I make a renegade character, do I have to stay in the camp? D:
  • A: NO. Renegade is more of an umbrella category. We're thieves, pick pockets, runaways, pirates, gangs, con-artists, holdless and exiles, as well as the dragonless men and women that cross over. There's a lot of roads to take so don't feel you have to be a 'renegade' only, and confined to one area. The camp is just an exclusive area to us for those not wishing to be linked to weyrs/holds/halls, etc. We're a dying breed, the only bad guys on Pernworld.
  • Q: Can I play a kid in the area, too?! :D
  • A: SURE. Why not, it might be interesting.
  • Q: What is the general rating of the area?
  • A: Everything is default to PG-13 in PW, however, if an event is going to be a higher rating, it will be included in the OOC notes to give people a heads up. That way you're not involving yourself in something you don't want a part of or uncomfortable with. Even we have our limits on what can be publicly played.
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