No Where To Hide

May 17, 2017
==== Onida, Sanso

Renegade Camp - Shanty Row
This dock is nothing near as imposing than the Pier being far smaller, at the very least, it's rather humble. Lined upon this little boardwalk is a row of shanty homes made from any available wood or crates gathered from a hard day's work. Most are simple and modest little homes, white washed to at least have some civilized class to them, making them more appealing to the eye. There is one or two, though, that could use a little more skill in their creation, yet they still offer some level of comfort to the occupants inside.

The ebb and flow of time passes as people move to and fro, some heading to their quarters for the night while others are just starting their days. Amongst the hustle and bustle is, once again, the pink-clad runt who fled earlier, looking a little worse for wear. Well, Falcon did say Oni was supposed to be sparring so maybe the sparring caught up with him, or Zarek.. maybe both. Shuffling feet take him to the exact same pool that he was spying on earlier, only this time it's his turn to slip out of his clothes, tossing them into a pile nearby. Into the water he slides, cleaning dirt and other things from reddened pale skin. Just another day in the life of Onida, yup. He pauses to examine a cut on his arm, making sure blood and debris is cleaned from it. The teen glances about the area, checking for friend or foe before closing those pale orbs, running a hand through tousled hair in an attempt to straighten it, a very lame attempt at that.

It was a night like any other, surely, with cook fires cheerfully crackling and the soft drone of distant conversation or merely the muted gafaw of amused laughter nearly lost under the occational sound of drumming footsteps in various dress and gait. Sanso is not among them, having chosen a spot tucked out of the way of any possible social interaction. At least, that is what he thought. It was rather difficult to miss that hair after all, watching it bob on by his hidden location leaned against the side of one building cloaking him in shadow. Onida was certainly being watched, but not the degree with which he himself had been examined when hiding places were few and far between. No. The second that the boy is written off as a threat, to anyone, Sanso moves his observation off elsewhere in absolute silence. Well, except for a man in his late twenties cheerfully pops his head into said pocket of solitude. "Hey there, beautiful! Whatcha lerking in there for? Didn't you miss me?" Sanso, cover blown, puts a hand over the man's handsome face and pushes it out of his comfort zone. "No." comes the icy reply, using the blunt end of his sword's shealth to extend his reach and in so doing, decreasing that of his unexpected company. This newest distraction is called Ebzin, well known for his 'conquests' of only the most attractive of men and women, and right now he actually pouts. "It's spring y'know! Frost is no longer in season and soon it'll be all about the…heat…" Eyebrows are waggled and ignored, as Sanso brushes past this latest annoyance with about as much warmth as High Reaches at the peak of winter, right out into the open.

Onida doesn't see the exchange between the two men, not that he's paying attention at the moment anyway. He's in a busy public place, certainly he's in no immediate danger of Zarek finding him and finishing the job he started earlier. Pale eyes open finally to take in the comings and goings, settling on the form of Sanso. Well, fancing meeting you here, or something, right? The pestering man is eyed briefly, but not immediately recognized. Sanso doesn't seem interested in socializing right now so Onida finishes his bathing, he's not really good at the show part so it's not much to watch, kinda boring actually.

"Saaaaannnnsoooooo." Yes, now Ebzin was whinning, because that is exactly how one woos a potenical partner. Said potencial partner, pushes at him again to maintain a clear bubble of personal space. Brown eyes fall to Onida, intensionally watching the lack of show or maybe what's going on over there is lankyville is exactly what the hunter-gaurdian ordered, using his thumb to pop his sword a centimeter or two out of the shealth when Mr.GrabbyMcGrabby grow bold and grasps his arm. That's all Ebzin apparently needed in way of a hint because he goes very still, eyes widening, and chuckles nervously as he releases Sanso and backs away. Far away. "Oh, would you look at the time, how'd it get to be so late…hahaha…I missed you, Sanso!" And gone. Clicking the hilt back flush with the top lip of its sheath, Sanso slips the length inbetween his sash and robes, gaze removed from the bathing teen as he heads right on past him. Again. This time, headed off towards the beach.

Okay, so.. don't grab Sanso's arm, got it! So maybe the teen is a little scared of the man despite the words from the old woman earlier. But still, this is intriguing and he slides out of the bath, wrapping a towel around himself and drying off before slipping into his clothes. It's like some sort train wreck, Onida wants to look away but can't. Without even realizing it, feet take him after Sanso. Hey, he likes the beach too! Well, at least he has a name to go with the face now, Sanso huh, nice name. Onida's not a stalker, honest!

The beach, blissfully free of creepers, or so Sanso thinks as he freely walks along the waterline leaving the light depression of his footsteps. It's true there might be a few who also found the stretch of sand the perfect place to slip off to, but if they are present, he pays them no mind. He looks to be just out for a quiet stroll and he merely wanders along his chosen path for quite some time, hands folded behind his back and certainly taking his dear sweet time about it too. However, his colorful shadow there, not very stealthy no. Sanso pauses, waits, and the suddenly turns. His gaze may very well have the supernatural ability to pierce the night like an assassin's dagger, because even with the relative lack of light, he spots him. In reality, his eyes had adjust enough to at least make out movement and he probably heard him coming a mile away. His head is tilted to the side, but he doesn't say a single word, just observes as if wondering what the boy will do next.

Onida is definitely not stealthy, that is certain. No wonder he can only hide from people for a short time. Err, hi there! Even of he can't see those eyes on him, he can feel them, or something and he stops in his strolling, that deer caught in a headlight look taking over. Well, hey there cutie! Well, he's caught now, so he offers one of those goofy grins that makes him Onida. This is as good a time as any, so mister bright guy takes a few steps closer. No words come from his lips, of course, and he's certain to stop a safe distance away, like out of reach of that sword Sanso carries. A wiggle of fingers in silent greeting is given. So, hmm, what's he supposed to do now, he hadn't thought that far ahead to tell the truth.

There is absolutely no reaction from Sanso when he's offered that childlike grin, but those eyes of his certainly remain on where Onida has stopped. True, that it was currently out of bladeswipe range, but the man's hands weren't even on the hilt so it might be some sort of sign that it was alright to proceed forward. It was completely up to the violet eyed teen whether or not he wanted to test the quickness of the swordsman's reflexes or if he remained that far apart. Sanso's body language appeared utterly relaxed with not a shred of tension to be found, much like it had been when he was soaking himself in the bathing pool earlier in the day. Gaze flicks to the finger wiggle and then back to the boy's face, as stoic as ever, until his head bobs once. A return greeting? Difficult to say without knowing the man even a single iota.

Onida would probably be dead if it wasn't okay to approach, to be honest right? Okay, so the approaching part is done, now what, hmm. He offers a hand, maybe attempting a proper greeting, minus the words of course. It's really hard to judge this guy, Onida isn't quite sure what to do. Two non-talkers not talking to eachother, this is a new one. Luckily the silence is interrupted by a voice, guess who appears on the beach, Oni's own stalker Falcon. "Hey!" The greeting breaks the silence. "What're you guys up to? Are you swimming?" Amber eyes look from one man to the other. "Umm, am I interrupting something?" The purple-haired Oni almost seems relieved at the interruption, at least it broke the awkward silence right?

Still with the not moving, hands clasped behind his back, and that stony expression. No, Sanso is not a bubbling fountain of discussion. At least when Onida futher closes the distance, there is not even a twitch, but being considered a non-threat isn't necessarily a bad thing, is it? The hand extended into the space beween them is glanced at, perhaps longer than is needed, but just as his weight shifts either to get with the sword slicing or to return the gesture in kind, Falcon shows up. Brown eyes dart almost mechanically the newcomer's way, running all the diagnostics and subroutines to come up with, yet another non-threat. Effortlessly, Sanso shifts his weight in reverse, as if anything up to that point never happened at all. Swimming? They were both dressed. Interupting? "No." His single word prepackaged in frozen calm, he politely inclines his head to Onida and side steps to head back towards the shacks.

Onida is used to Falcon, you know how it is having a pesky little sibling? That's kind of what's going on here, only these two aren't even related. Onida pushes his friend as he scares Sanso away. A look like, really bruh? A shove is aimed at the amber-eyed man who side steps it causing Onida to stumble. "Why're you following that guy anyway Onida? You like him or something?" Periwinkle eyes roll at his friend until they follow the other figure as he leaves. Aww man. "I don't think he likes you back. You want a drink?" Skin of something is then held out and the teen grabs it irritably, taking a drink and tossing it back at his friend befor crossing his arms and plopping down in the sand. "you want me to call him back here?" The question is met with a shake of head. "Aww come on, cheer up, let's go swimming." Prple-hair conceeds, moving to slip his shirt off and heading out into the water before his companion has a chance to react. "Hey! Wait up!"

Sanso? Not so much used to Falcon, but if the guy keeps popping up like he does, he may very well get there fast. Oh, he can hear them chattering away back there, their voices soon nothing more than a distant memory as he stops at the crest of the beach that blends almost seamlessly into the docks. There the man pauses, looking back down to where the two boys jovially partake in the games friends do when there is water involved, interupted by none other than Ebzin. "Hello, my sweetie! Are you in a better mood after your walk? Wanna cuddle?" Sanso turns, with more of that palm to face thrusting out of his area code. "No." Denied again, the persistant man doesn't even seem fazed by the face mushing, toddling after Sanso like a duckling as the man makes his way towards the smell of roasting meat. "Are you suuuuuure? Because I'm getting the distinct impression you're just playing hard to…." Without even breaking pace, the sword is once more popped off it's shealth. Click. Shink. Ebzin turns right around just then, walking off in the opposite direction, "Fair enough."

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