May 18, 2017
==== Azrahl, Onida, Sanso

Renegade Camp - Shanty Row
This dock is nothing near as imposing than the Pier being far smaller, at the very least, it's rather humble. Lined upon this little boardwalk is a row of shanty homes made from any available wood or crates gathered from a hard day's work. Most are simple and modest little homes, white washed to at least have some civilized class to them, making them more appealing to the eye. There is one or two, though, that could use a little more skill in their creation, yet they still offer some level of comfort to the occupants inside.

Morning comes and goes, afternoon bleeding into evening, and finally morning again before Sanso is spotted returning to camp with saddlebags full of fresh fruits and wild veggies gathered from the world beyond the waterfall. They wouldn't keep very long unless pickled, but it was a nice change from fish, kelp, and game. People come out and help to unload, a single individual taking the reins of Sanso's mare, Muugan, once they are finished. The beast is led off to where ever it is stabled, leaving her master to stop by the small shack he called home to drop off his bow. Long hair tied up in it's loop high at the back of his head, he sets his sword aside in order to strip off his sash and robes, leaving him only in the dark woven trousers he wore beneath and his boots. From his pack, a waterskin is produced, which is first drunk from and then promptly poured over his head.

Onida hates mornings, they're always so early. Out of one of the terribly small shacks emerges the purple-haired teen eyes blinking in the bright light before adjusting. Hmm? Wait, it's the triumphant return of the valiant.. fruit and veggie hunter? A moment of pondering by the teen before he's moving further out, soaking up the rays of sun's warmth. Periwinkle eyes, as usual, trail over the figure of Sanso, but they quickly turn attention to, well, something else. At least that pesky Falcon fellow isn't around this time to distract Oni right? Now, hmm, what to do? Well, he could.. hmm. He approaches with a grin a wave of greeting. Hey, he's trying to be, erm, social-ish.

Dripping, where he stands before his own meager shack because he just poured half a waterskin over his head, Sanso's brown eyes slide toward where Onida is approaching from. The proverbial marble of his features not cracking once as he politely inclines his head in a short bob of sorts. At least he wasn't face mushing him or poking at him with the hilt of his sword, or the sharp hurty part of his sword. Progress! The waterskin is capped, looked at, and then offered to Onida. More progress! Will wonders never cease? However, there still wasn't any solid communication going on, but considering the two involved here no one passing by would be surprised.

Out of one those few shacks that stand, rickety in their most basic structure, a lanky form emerges. His hair is in a bit of a disarray, but then, that is likely fairly normal given his state. Some of the small braids he tends to wear have been coming loose for a number of days without being tended to. Fingers brush over an eye in the morning light, leaving a slightly dirty smudge there. Azrahl blinks though, his head taking a slow swivel towards the movement of purple and water skins dumping about. He stares that way…then his gaze simply seems to drift elsewhere as he emerges fully from the little dwelling. There's a sack-like bag strapped across his shoulder, and fingers take to feeling around in it as he meanders up that-a-way, feet getting most of his attention.

Hooray for no facemushing or stabbystabbed! Onida gives a grin at the bobble of head from Sanso, this would normally be accompanied by a 'hey', but not with these two. The offer of waterskin is pondered a moment, slim fingers curling around it, uncorking it to wash away the dryness in mouth. The teen grins a moment, contemplating, well, something that probably wouldn't be smart so is decided against. Once corked, the water is offered back. Realizing periwinkle eyes have been looking over the man's, they move elsewhere. Oh lookie there, there's another unfamiliar person and those pale orbs watch Azrahl, though he's not one of Zarek's buddies, so is seen as a non-threat to the pink-clad for the moment and is offered a wiggled finger greeting.

Once the waterskin is handed off, Sanso's attention momentarily wanders towards Azrahl, head tilting slightly to one side without a flicker of recognition anywhere to be found. The dirty, the mussed hair and loose braids, all observed calm and collected like. Momentarily he does glance Onida's way, feeling those oddly-hued eyes of his all over all of the places, and he is studied as well for long enough to be considering rude. The spell is broken with the return of his waterskin, placing it atop his pack before once again, "Azrahl." Even speaking someone's name his voice is as ice, jerking his chin off towards the direction of the bathing caverns. You know, thataway. "Bathtime." Because personal hygiene is very important! If the boy doesn't go on his own, Sanso is not above carrying him there like a sack of tubers, again.

There are wiggling things. The finger gets Azrahl's attention first when he lifts his eyes, focus narrowing down to that one squiggly point. "Worms. Worms in the the fish.." And there he goes, mumbling off words that don't make much sense as his attention fades away. A threat? Whether he is or not, the young man is at least a very odd duck. His name however earns a halt of his slow footsteps, and Sanso gets that brief bit of focus as well. "Bath?" It does seem to dawn on him, at least, what that might mean, with a cursory look down at himself. He is definitely lacking in the cleanliness department, with plenty of room for improvement in both himself and his clothing. At least he doesn't seem prone to arguing about it. "..Bath.." Muttered, if that idea might slip away again if he doesn't repeat it, even as he turns his path towards one that would carry him off to the bathing cavern.

Onida has worms for fingers now? Wait, no he doesn't, and worms are icky anyway! At least the pink-clad one isn't the only strange duck around here, the more the merrier. He's confused for a moment at the mention of worms and fish and.. what is the world? A head shake briefly, it's too early in the morning for nonsense. Silently his eyes watch each one for a moment. At least he has another name to attempt to remember now. Wait, does Oni even need a bath? He just had one last night before bed. He doesn't move just yet, maybe watching to see what the other two do first.

Sanso drops his stuff off inside his little shack there, securing everything just in case because RENEGADES, picking up his swords and some very fluffy looking towels. Because when you provide food for everyone pretty regular-like, you get treats, like fluffy towels. There were enough there for the filthy one muttering to himself, Sanso himself, and even Onida if he cared to join. Still only wearing his pants and boots, the very scarred and bare chested Sanso head on after Azrah.

It's a good thing that the place to bathe isn't a terribly long walk from housing. Otherwise Azrahl probably would've wandered off..more. Because he does at least once seem to forget where he's going, and instead starts heading off in some /other/ direction. If someone has to yank him back on the right trail..well..he goes right along with it. There is a large intake of breath for the steam that is there, before the young man drops the bag he's carrying right onto the ground. There's no preamble for the removal of clothing, either. It's simply dropped, leaving a rather painfully thin frame in their wake. Oh, but there is water nearby, and the blonde shuffles his way into a pool of it to sit down..low enough to blow quiet little bubbles with his nose just above the surface.

Ah, the baths, Onida's best friend, plenty of pools and steam to hide in if necessary. The purple-haired lad seems to immediately relax as soon as the steam hits him, and he takes a deep breath. Following suit, he slips out of his own clothing, tossing it onto one of the benches nearby. Quick movements have his own scarred body sliding into the nearest pool letting the heat soothe his muscles. Bubble blowing is watched curiously, a crooked smile touching his lips. He likes this new guy so far, it reminds him of someone who surprisingly hasn't shown up yet to intrude.

Everything seems to be expected, Sanso follows behind Azrahl and collects the filthy clothes where they are dropped, having every intention to wash them before they are returned. He at least doesn't need to herd the boy into the water, as he does just fine on his own, setting aside the towels and things for now as he too sheds what little he still wears. Though he is definitely keeping that sword mighty close. Yep, there it is, right next to him poolside. Sanso swings his legs over the pool ledge, using his feet to snag the bubble blower and draw him to him, then caging him lightly with the length of his lower limbs. This done, the braids are undone, one by one, gently. To Onida, brown eyes go watching his progression from dressed to naked to covered in water, and then back down to the tangle he was trying to unravel. Ah what a trio they made. The stoic guy, the mute, and the headcase. Just another beautiful day in the renegade camp.

Azrahl wobbles right over as he's tugged on, blinking for just a moment. But then there are /hands/ and they're in his hair, and already messy braids are being let loose. It's a comfortable enough feeling for his eyes to fall half-closed, settling there without a single complaint. After a short while, Az's hands come up, rubbing dripping digits over his face a number of times. At least it helps get that dirty smudge from earlier off. Eventually though he simply starts watching Onida. Or at least, as much as he watches..anything. He stares…then his gaze wanders away again, distracted. "Tangled..everything.. Knots inside knots inside..skulls.." His hands in the water calmly play with one of the feet that are a part of his cage, even as he starts to hum quietly to himself.

Onida watches the interaction of the other pair, smirking at something or other. The purple-haired doesn't move to help, though he continues to watch curiously. After a moment he moves closer, taking up one of the braids to help with the detangling, of course, he really has no experience in hair upkeep but he can copy easily enough. A chuckle would escape him when Az starts to play with the 'foot-cage', this one is amusing, yes.

Poor Onida, for the second he gets close enough, he is also drawn into the cage of legs and foot. Not the foot that Azrahl was playing with, no, the other one. Now with two birdies to tend to, Sanso applies soapsand to purple hair, applying both hands to the messy locks and working up a good lather while Onida does the upbraiding. The garbled mess that is the dreamspeak of the blonde is not so much ignored, but rather something the man was used to, giving his head a soft little pet before he gets back to the seriousness of taming the beast that lived on top of the seventeen turn old's skull.

Azrahl is oddly handsy when people are so darned close! Even if there's nothing but curious touches and maybe some poking. What's that? Onida is there now too? Well he's going to end up with Az-hands giving some exploratory prodding. Being sandwiched between two people doesn't seem like such a bad thing, really. Maybe it's even mildly comforting, since his eyes eventually close all the way, leaning into whatever side of his people-cage is most comfortable. There are hands taking care of his hair, after all, and things smell like soap. His muttering even seems to die down after a bit.

It was all a trap! And Onida fell for it hook line a sinker! Well, he does have to admit this trap is.. much better than others he's been in. Until, wait, he likes the purple beast that lives on his head! If he didn't have fingers tangled in braids he'd actually consider swatting at the scrubbing hands. But then again, there is that sword right there, hmm. Hair-washing it is! He knows how Az feels, really, it is quite relaxing in here. But, slender fingers won't cease until every braid is undone and hair is washed.

While Sanso would use his sword to intimidate someone to bathe, okay maybe he could, if they were particularly stinky but whose counting? Azrahl certainly isn't nor is he doing much of anything at all and so soapy hands have reach down and hoist the lad up a bit and angle him so he doesn't drown. With the hair upbraided, it too gets washed. Scrub. Scrub. Scub. Till the whole unconscious body gets dunked and swished around until it is clean. "Rinse." he tells Onida, as he hoists the twenty-four turn old Azzie out of the pool and sets him out to dry. Sans clothing. Hmmm, might need to keep an eye on that. Towel is draped over bits, and he pulls the leather from his hair if only to return to the pool once more.

Neither one is even close to stinky now thanks to the magic of the hot springs. Onida watches as Az is dunked and manages somehow to remain asleep, wow, that's talent! Blinking, he realizes that he's still got soapsand in his hair and dunks himself under the water to rinse it off. Once all is clean and shiny, he pops back out of the water to tug a hand through it and leans against the side, it's not as comfortable as the cage he was caught in before, but it'll do. Eyes graze over both of his companions' forms, another view he could grow to like. Ahem, but anyways! Isn't it Sanso's turn for a wash, the teen grins waits for him to return to the pool before scooping up a bit of soapsand, he could return the favor.

Sanso does return, slipping into the hot steamy water which somehow magically (okay not magically, but it sure seems like it) filters itself out and doesn't stay soapy very long. He's keeping one eye on sleeping beauty over there who has the talent of being dunked and not drowned, and the other on Onida. Dark lashes fall to half-station though, as he considers the eagerness of the seventeen turn old for what might feel like forever, eventually he's treading forward until he was nose to scabbard with his sword, back to the rest of the pool but can watch whomever might enter and glare appropriately at any that try to take advantage of Azrahl. It would not be the first time. Arms are folded over the edge, saying, nothing.

Onida believes in magic, well, okay, magic doesn't exist on Pern, lesigh. Pale orbs trail over scarred skin but the young man remembers what he was offering, moving up behind and reaching for that long dark hair. He should totally be a professional hair washer or something, wouldn't that be an interesting new position? Slim fingers work soapsand into the hair, making sure it's nice and sudsy. Such long hair, he'd have gotten annoyed with it by now if it was his but then that's his preference. He slows his movements the further down fingers travel the closer to scarred skin they get. And, well, it could be really easy to just.. touch a finger over a scar briefly, hehe, warm flesh.

He might not have vision in the back of his head, per say, but Sanso glances over his shoulder and catches all that eyeballing going on back there. At this point, the fact that the man's expression and the coolness of his gaze doesn't change despite having that information, may not come as a shock but by the same token, perhaps it should. So instead of getting all TurboGinsu, Sanso comes to rest his chin upon his forearm, forcing his eyes to remain at least half-open even with all the scalp and hair massaging going on back there. The lure to simply relax and enjoy? Far too tempting though, letting out a soft breathy sound now and then but certainly not giving Onira any indication that he should stop. You know what wakes him up right fast though? A finger tracing along one of his many scars, eliciting a noticeable shiver before Sanso's shoulders tighten and once more those eyes peer over the paleness of one shoulder. Silent. Maybe judging. Probably judging.

Onida has been caught? Oops! Oh look, the hair washing is finished and a light push is given. The push does two things. First it allows the young man to gain a head start to the other side of the pool and second it lets his companion know that it's rinsing time. Head is bowed in apology and eyes are downcast, the pale orbs avoiding the judgement, or trying to anyway. PleaseDon'tKillMe! Onida thinks he's safely out of reach, and if not there's always the option of a quick escape route out of the pool and cavern.

Being pushed? Not expected, and its reflected by how round Sanso's almond-shaped eyes get the second it happens which goes perfectly with the flash of confusion which passes over his usually stony features. Brows sink just a fraction of an inch, but he doesn't once actually reach for that sword. Ah, Sanso…such an enigma, wrapped in a mystery with a chewy puzzle center. Down he goes soon there after after a quick glance Onida's way, disappearing beneath the water to rinse his hair, coming up again when it is done. He smooths hands over his head to get any loose strands out of his face. There was a quick Azrahl check, safe and sound, as he wrings out the length of his hair. Onida gets another peek and that chin goes down. Okaaaay.

Onida gets the element of surprise, yay! Wait, does that count as two surprises? One for the shiver caused by his touch and one for the pushing. A brave glance is shot toward the other man but only briefly. Well then, what should he do now? Hmm. Aha! He splashes his companion, going for a third surprise for the morning. Besides, it's hard to stay tense when there's relaxing heat turning your muscles to squishy lumps of clay. Or something like that anyway, no judging.

And there is definately another surprise, that whole, splashing thing. This may or may not be new to Sanso as he jerks away from the hot spray with his arm held upwards in defense while at the same time reflexively reaching for his sword. His fingers never actually touch the hilt, rather they hover just over it until it becomes rather obvious this wasn't some sort of attack. Okay, so maybe he's not used to those sorts of things at all. There he goes, looking all confused again for about a second, before any expression at all melts away into polished stone once more. He half turns his body back half towards the purple-haired boy across the pool.

Note to self: Don't surprise splash attack Sanso. Eep! Onida is halfway put of the pool as he sees the sword being reached for.. well, he's kinda fast for a runt. At least he got to see an expression for a fraction of a second, he's really terrible at this kind of attempted flirting or whatever it would be called. Ah well, his skin was getting pruney anyway, he'll just hang out on the edge of the pool, finding a nearby towel to half wrap around himself. This could very well be a futile attempt, maybe he should just go find something else to do but that would require leaving the company of Sanso. Aww, such conflict in the teen's brain. To flee or not to flee that is the question. Well, the answer is not flee this time, at least for now, but he also doesn't slip back into the water. Awkward silence anyone?

Perhaps Onida should keep a list or something, he could even use a pink crayon! Imagine! Sanso is blinking, again. Such a wide range of emotion, perhaps he should consider the theater. The lad did moved fast though, a lot faster than perhaps the man had ever thought to giving him credit for. Now the swordsman stares as the one who'd washed his hair remains out of the pool, out of reach, and even is grabbing a towel. The next shift in expression that happens to drift across his features isn't one that the teenager had seen before, hurt. It's gone almost as quickly as it showed up, but not so fast enough to remain seen. Sanso turns away then, planting his palms on the pool's edge and pulling himself up and out. The sword is grabbed, but so are towels, clothing and one comatose body flung over one shoulder. Without a look back, the man is exiting the bathing cavern.

Onida has to be able to escape the clutches of his bully somehow, otherwise he might be dead by now instead of just scarred. But wait, what? Why is Sanso leaving? Aww, Onida blew it again didn't he? Even though he doesn't even know what he blew. Gah, feelings are so confusing! Should he follow? Or maybe the other man needs his space. Maybe Oni should keep a list, it might make things a bit easier. Pale orbs follow the dark-haired man's movements and a sigh escapes. Finally he gets up, drying himself off and grabbing his clothes to slide them over slender frame, playtime is over it seems. The teen would follow the other man out but something seen in the distance has him holding back and squinting through the steam. Whatever he sees therein has him stopped in his tracks, giving his previous companion a chance to make his escape, and deliver poor Azrahl someplace more comfortable to sleep in.

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