Adamaris - Camp Leader

Adamaris is a stout woman, old of age but still strong in body and fierce of wit. Her hair is a peppered copper, cropped short upon her head to keep pale blue eyes unhindered and she wears a snug cream hued tunic tucked into a matching ankle length skirt, held tight with a black leather belt. The only sign of wealth on this woman are the gemstone rings on both hands; brilliant shades of citrine untarnished from turns of hard work.

For turns her family has lived here in the seaside camp, enjoying the peace of a simple life, unbothered by outsiders. One day, there was talk of her parents leaving camp, in search of hold or weyr to settle down in. Surely there's better treasures amongst the riders. At the rough age of 35 turns, she continued the family practice, bidding them a mere wave as they climbed aboard a trading vessel which never returned. Now, turns later, she resides the head of the camp, keeping an eye on those faces that come and go. To those who linger or leave quickly, and those who threaten their way of life.

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