Garron - Captain of Mourning Song

Garron is a tall, muscular man tanned heavily by Rukbat's rays. Upon his forearms are scores of rope burn from the vigorous life of a man working at sea. His hair falls just past his shoulders, the color of ebony and his scowling eyes are a rich amber hue. He wears a loose gray tunic with a wide collar and short billowing sleeves to let the sea air pass through. Pants are a pale leather, tight and tucked into calf high boots of the same material, died a bitter black. Upon the black belt around his waist, a short curved dagger rests for the unruly.

The only Captain allowed close enough to bring a vessel to camp, he's quiet and reserved until he's angered. Then, it's the best interest of his crew to avoid eye contact because the Captain is often bored at sea and he doesn't simply kill or throw people overboard. He has his ways. Business wise? He is quite charming and hospitable, however he takes his job very seriously. He tells no secrets and best believe any he comes across is treated like gold. They could cost more than any treasure 'acquired' on his journeys. His relationship to Adamaris is unknown.

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