Kareyan - Mute Renegade Elder


Silky strands of white gold fall from Kareyan's head in shortened waves down to his chin, where the back stays long and drifts down over his shoulders. The very tips of his hair bore ragged edges as if cut with a dull knife roughly. It's not parted or kept in any particular fashion and falls wherever it wills, freely. Narrow, cautious eyes keep their vigil from behind the striking light strands: their hues being the softest hazel adorned with tiny flecks of gold residing about the edges, and often shielded by long, pale lashes. Tanned is his skin from his short travels he does take during the day, his muscles are well toned but his body slender from the turns of work.

Scars of various sizes and lengths litter his neck and shoulders. Across his back lays whip marks where they rest in crisscrossing layers from turn after turn of abuse. About his wrists are paler hues due to friction burns from shackles and ropes… A thick scar travels from above his hairline, across his right eye and beginning as a small thin line on his cheek. His eye is intact and unscathed.

Hanging upon such slender shoulders is a long black shirt, the sleeves fall down allowing only slender fingertips peek through. The collar hangs low, revealing the trails of the scars upon his body. A thick collar of leather hangs lightly about his neck, a raven stained beaten strip tied together with an unstained chestnut strip. Thick baggy pants of dark umber are worn, falling over a pair of scuffed hiking boots covering small feet. The very material of this young man's clothing is weather faded and beaten, dark patches of dried blood adds the finishing touch to this scoundrel.


During one of many gathers being presented at Kahrain Hold, Kannon had a little more to drink than she should've and had a few more partners than she should as well. Born right outdoors under the starlight away from prying eyes was Kareyan, whom his mother didn't know she was carrying. Nor did her absent husband, Aherin. The wee child didn't have either parent's features and fearing being caught for her reckless ways, his mother offered him up to whoever wanted a child.

Kareyan was given to a shady couple and was denied a true childhood. He was raised at a distant cot hold between Kahrain and Xanadu, cast to the cellar when not in use like some article of refuse. The young boy at 7 turns lived most of his life in the dark, sat in a chair and was not permitted to move unless told to. He was beaten if he did. Sometimes he would sit there for days… At the age of 11, he was passed to another family member and had a little more of a fortunate life from then. He still did his duties out of habit, working himself ragged day in and day out but was at least given the courtesy of an actual room and a warm place to sleep. He was even taught how to read, and to write… His previous household never heard a word spoken from him.

Once again hard times taken place and marks were needed, they couldn't afford to keep the mute child. He was offered up once again and quickly shipped off via boat to Southern Boll to his new home. At least Kareyan was allowed to stand on the deck and watch the waves pass by him silently. On occasion he would help with the rigging, the pulling of the sails and the scullery. Best to keep busy on the long voyage. With one crewmember mysteriously disappearing one night after another, his help was needed.

One evening, a storm was seen rolling in so he quickly fell beside the crew and secured the vessel, preparing for the worst… Or so /they/ thought. Winds and rain fell upon them quickly and the order to come beneath deck was unanswered. Kareyan, at 15 turns, had picked up a few skills from the crew, and was about to put them to use. He glared at the Captain of the vessel through soaked pale strands and turned his back. He can see the land ahead, not too far off. He had bought his time. He had to see this freedom everyone spoke about so enthusiastically. The boy suddenly gripped a hold of the edge of the vessel and climbed down quickly to the smaller boats, cut one free and quickly made his way inland. The captain declared the boy not worth losing his own pride and joy over, and made no attempt for his now escaping passenger.

Unfortunately, the little boat was reduced to nothing but pieces of driftwood on the shores of his destination near Southern Boll and Kareyan quickly covered tracks with whatever he was able to pilfer from the boat in the short time he was traveling. Alone he ventured roads less traveled and hitched rides with traders, camping out during the day and made his way through the land under the cover of darkness. There is one thing as far as he was concerned: Kareyan would not live under anyone else unless it was /his/ choice, and he would kill again to keep that freedom.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Kahrain Hold Cotholder
Kannon Mother Kahrain Hold Resident
Briana Adopted Niece Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman


Moonlighting as a Criminal Mastermind Blue Syme

A deep royal blue covers this fellow. He stands proud yet cautious as he takes in the world around him. A diagonal strip of healer blue cuts from a collar around his neck diagonally to stop at the base of his left wing. Both wingsails are shaded the same healer's shade. His head seems slightly wide, his muzzle short, his jaw jutting. Nevertheless, he demands a certain level of respect. His talons are tipped with gold and his head is held high despite it all.

Drunken Mentor Brown Seeker

If someone took a little ball of chocolate and simply added little wings and a stub of a tail, they surely had this firelizard in mind. Tiny appendages protrude from this little tubby tub, his form almost spherical in frame but don't let the little pudge bucket fool you: stretched over slender bones is a power house of solid muscle! This milk chocolately ball is uniform in color from one end of the lizard to the other save for the faint sprinkling of dark chocolate freckles that emanate from it's wide maw down to it's chest where it fades midway down the belly.

Nondescript Green Twig

This green firelizard isn't exactly delicacy and light, but, instead, dexterity and strength. Though she does have a graceful, aesthetically pleasing physique, it isn't your classic thin, fine green's. Her long frame is covered in tight, compact muscle that moves smoothly beneath her electric green hide, the brilliant, almost neon lime color melting into darker hues along her limbs and tail, though it lightens considerably over her wings and their sails, nearly white on the sails themselves. Only her neckridges are truly dark like shadowed emerald, gaining a paler shade only as they fade over her short, curved tailspade. While her headknobs are somewhat rounded and entirely inoffensive, her claws are wickedly curved and suggestive that angering her would bring down an unpleasant wrath.

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