Kiltara is a gerbil, yo.


Kiltara was born to isolated traders Kilyanna and Taraden, though her time with them would be short. Her life brought Kilyanna death, and unable to cope with the passing of his wife, Taraden had passed shortly after. Kilarden had been left with the task of raising his sister, and the boy had done the best he could with what little he had.

Their saving grace came one day in the form of a mysterious renegade, and it wasn't until Kiltara had grown years older that the man had abandoned her and her brother again to the wild. With nowhere to go, the child had been forced to join her brother in a manhunt for their savior, and started a relatively peaceful life within the renegade camp they eventually joined. There they found Velrich, and the three formed an inseparable bond.

Hunting kept their noses relatively clean, and if things were ever bad, Kiltara was shielded from the horrors. It wasn't until Kilarden had reached 19 that a Western rider found him trading in High Reaches, and asked the man to stand. Desperate to provide a better life for Kiltara, he'd accepted, and the siblings were pleasantly surprised to find that Velrich had been asked to stand as well.

Adjusting to life in a weyr, however, was hard for Kiltara, and when it came time to learn how to share her brother not only with a dragon, but with his weyrmate, and their children, a downward spiral began. Once bubbly, cheerful, and full of mischief, Kiltara had taken to acting out, getting into fights, and, eventually, running away.
Now the girl is back in search of her roots… and far, far away from civilized life.


Name Relation Location Position
Taraden Father Unknown Trader
Kilyanna Mother Unknown Trader
Ila'den Brother Western Weyr Weyrsecond

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