Portrayed By Lee Soo Hyuk
Gender Male
Occupation Swordsman & Bowman
Skills Tracking, Hunting, Stealth, Sword, & Bow


Like liquid night, hair darker than ebony flows to the middle of this man's back, when not pulled upwards into a high runnertail which is often looped and then secured in place with a long piece of leather or a silver pin. His heart-shaped face might be considered cherubic, were it not for the coldness of his almond shaped brown eyes, lending no softness to his small but full lips. The sheath of his skin is pale, brought into stark contrast with the loose beautifully embroidered robes he always tends to wear over a slender and yet masculine frame. There is no adornment, bobbles or trinkets to be found upon his person. Sanso's only accessory is the elaborate sword that is tucked through the wide sash wrapped around his slim waist. On his feet, simple black leather boots which allow him to move silently and quickly.

Sanso wears arm guards over leather wrappings, and can be found equip with a chest piece to match. He is never without his sword, but occasionally a long bow in hand is not as rare a sight as his smile.


Born a renegade amongst renegades, Sanso has known nothing of the life outside the camp, and has never desired to. His half and much older brother, Fenrys, had been handpicked long before his birth to be trained in stealth. This was no different for the youngest, who's first kill had been his own mother as he left her aged body. His father fostered the boy with those he trusted to ensure that he would have all the skills necessary to destroy all that stood before him. The old man did not live to see the fruit borne of the tree he had cultivated from that tiny seed, but he would have been proud. When Sanso came of age, he chose to be a protector, rather than an assassin. While his silence is often met with suspicion, he has proven himself to be a valued asset, providing meat in times of hunger and his sword to defend that which is valuable. A loner, he prefers his solitude when he isn't needed, often venturing out into the wilderness with no promises of return. Perhaps one day, he would not.


Name Relation Location Position
Neysof Father Underground Dead
Ronnsa Mother Underground Dead
Fenrys Half-Brother Unknown Asssassin
X'fyr (Xhanfyr) Nephew Fort Weyr Brownrider (Kamysth)


Title OOC Date Cast
A Warm Welcome May 16, 2017 Onida, Sanso
No Where To Hide May 17, 2017 Onida, Sanso
Scrub-A-Dub-Dub May 18, 2017 Azrahl, Onida, Sanso
Stray May 21, 2017 Onida, Sanso



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