Portrayed By Emil Anderssen
Position Resident
Gender Male
Aliases Ril, That Fucker
Home Renegade Camp
Hair Blond
Eyes Grey


Long blonde hair has been rough-cut into layers, falling past collarbones, framing a face cut with a masculine, square jaw. Thick eyebrows rise dark over almond-cut eyes with hooded lids, harboring grey hues that sit with alarmingly attentive focus to everything that comes within their purview. A slightly wide-but-still-button nose centers the harsh angles of his face and softens them, perfectly aligned with a philtrum that delineates a path to a cupid's bow and full lips. He's built strong but not big, given more to an athletic cut of muscle as opposed to that of a body builder.

Vauril's clothing is unremarkable and common: a light-spun tunic, white and fit-to-form without being too tight, a pair of trousers dark in color, held up by the fastening of a belt, and black boots that climb up his calf to rest just under his knee. It's nothing you wouldn't find on the most common of weyfolk and holders.


Vauril was not born into happiness and did not make his life on fortunes. He was born into the renegades, raised to be the worst of them, primed by long-deceased leader Veski and blooded by his twisted companion, Thaurer. His mother was too young and ripped away before he could really know her, even if Veski never kept her name from him: Kiltara. A nobody raised in a camp like he, whisked away from poverty and the brink of hopeless despair by his uncle-turned-dragonrider.

No, there is nothing particularly of note in Vauril's sordid history, sans a brief stint to learn among healers and a mental prowess over herbology and, as he grew older, a failed attempt to leave behind renegade life and integrate into a weyr and into his mother's charmed life. It was unsuccessful, plagued by the abduction of his youngest siblings and uncle Ila'den by renegades, spent in the wilderness beside then-weyrling R'hyn in a bid to find them, left behind when battles to reclaim what was lost saw him grievously injured and pulled from the battlefield by unknown saviors.

Who Vauril is now, and what he tries to be is simple: a nobody. Perhaps if he's lucky, that will never change.


Name Relation Location Position
Kiltara Mother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Thaurer Father Deceased Deceased
Taeski Half-Brother Unknown Unknown
Kiorel Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Katrel Half-Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kiric Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Ila'den Uncle Half Moon Bay Weyr Bronzerider
The Rest Don't Matter


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