Veredis Kraine - Resk Caravan Leader


Raven hair cropped short adorns this young man's head save for long stands around his eyes, roughly ruffled in various directions and left to the winds design rather than being combed in a neat and orderly fashion. Piercing eyes of ice blue hues seem to be the most dominant feature of this mans face, rivaling paleness as if it's almost the softest powder white, his skin is rich in warm hues and well tanned from working under the days light over the turns. Every part of his form is otherwise average at most, his height tall and tone slightly muscular.
Well tailored cloth dyed in the richest mahogany make up the long sleeved shirt resting loosely about his arms and shoulders and ending tucked within a pair of simple black pants. Sleeves are wrinkled from being constantly rolled up out of the way to elbows. Tied around his neck is a band of raven leather in the form of a collar, nothing more than a decorative piece at best with tassels running past this young man's shoulders. Finishing off this attire is a pair of leather boots, faded and well worn from turns of use.


Veredis was born in uneventful times, even for his mother than was kind enough to 'friend' any man who came to call in the small home she temporarily resided in Southern Boll Hold. She was the oldest daughter of the Lord, third child inline behind her two elder brothers so officially ascending to Ladyholder was not due for turns less other circumstances came upon her not so humble abode.
The rules within the Hold was strict yet she challenged them bitterly. More children despite her arranged marriage, more men within her walls and more business in the matter of trade without her elders consent. Until her parents could bare no more. They will not have such behavior tarnish their good names so a difficult decision was made: Their daughter was disowned and her children taken to be fostered by more responsible men and women in their small cotholds. Grandchildren are precious things…
Before she went to far, the child she carried was handed off to a 'friend' due to sail off on a ship. Young Veredis will not be tarnished by Hold life or his grandparents. A shame for the rest, but it's out of her hands…
Turns passed and young Veredis learned the ways of sailing… just enough not to sink. After many travels at the age of seventeen turns, he needed work and it was with a man in the distant woods did he find his niche. He learned how to tend to hides after the hunt. How to remove the skin from the flesh without damaging it and how to set it out to dry. Stretching it over strong frames. Nimble fingers working the slender bone handle of the knife, it's a skill that will bring him notoriety.
One winter will always be harder than the rest and sure enough, his partner and teacher had passed due to an unknown illness. Unlike the creatures brought to an end by the elder's hands, Veredis gave him a proper burial to rest. It was the least he can do, before taking nothing but his precious knife and vanishing into the unknown. To this day, he remains with the very train that had taken him in, where the blood of the old man still remains warm through the veins of his ancestors. Business could also be pleasure, if the jobs are worth taking mark for.


Name Relation Location Position
Donor Father Deceased Trader
Paredes Mother Southern Boll Hold Resident
Eozen Lover Unknown Trader/Weaver


Another too Lazy to Desc Blue Lazy

This is a normal flit with two tiny forearms, two muscular hindlegs, two gracefully sweeping wings, a tiny head with little mischievous beady eyes whirling with delight and a long whiplike tail. Solid china blue glistens upon it's skin, perfect and flawless in design from end to end over subtle even texturing.

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