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If you are looking into creating a character to be a renegade, or move an existing character to the renegades, this is the help file for you. We hope so, at least. If you have never had a renegade character, know this: it can be very rewarding and rich. The personalities and character types are wide and varied - you imagination is free to explore! There /are/ a few things to know, however, before joining. Please, use the resources provided to help yourself think through your character.

If you need any help, feel free to contact a Renegade player (ren .who) or OOC staff member (ren .who/staff:Yes).




When thinking on where your character will be, first remember that "Renegades" are often atypical by nature. Often they do not form into bands or groups that meet in central locations, but rather travel from place to place. This is easier now than ever before - thread is gone for good, so there is less fear of traveling. With that being said, there /are/ several locations that various collections of Renegades and "gangs" often set up as a hideout or gathering area. The nature of the type of people in these places and their standing with Pern leads those who "run" these locations to be very cautious. Many times these places are found because of mistakes of the few, and the idea of a full-fledged assault from dragonriders is very real. To get to the current Renegade camp simply @tel to one of the following:

@tel #1187 - Renegade Docks

Remember, though… In Character Actions equal In Character Consequences. There are many unsavory folks who trust few. Before you just show up, make sure you have a good reason.

Once you're in the camp, this will come in handy.


All players who wish to have a renegade /must/ get guidance from an area admin for their character. Often the ways we "become" a renegade are skewed, and we try to do our best to keep everything in order, so as not to break IC reality. The area admins will often give suggestions about your character before you start role playing - "make sure to have him mention that one friend who brought him here" or "talk to so-and-so about being a part of their faction". Stuff like that.

There are a few policies, though, the we must tell you. Some of these are more OOC, some or IC camp laws. You can tell the difference.

  • In Character Actions equal In Character Consequences. If you tell me your character is going to steal from my character, and I tell you my character shouldn't find out, cause he'd kill your character if he did… then your character lets it slip… Well, see a problem? Keep IC and OOC separate, but don't get upset at those consequences. Sometimes they are harsh.
  • Kidnappees are not allowed in the camp. It'll bring unwanted attention to the camp and OOCly, it gets too excessive.
  • There is to be no killing in the camp UNLESS expressly functional under ICA=ICC (this policy has been known to be broken, however. See +renhelp Death).
  • Stealing from another while at the camp is expressly forbidden.
  • All weapon fighting is to be kept to the arena or another designated area.
  • Fun is good (OOC).


As stated by Mynti: Tinyplots. ALL players may suggest tinyplots. No one is forced to join in on one if they'd prefer not to. All a Renegade needs is an okay from the area leadership where they are planning the Tinyplot to take place. REN knot admin are NOT IC or OOC leaders, they are just there for advice and for adding people to the knots. They may suggest and help with tinyplots, but they may not force others to join OR they may not prevent other tinyplots from happening. You do not need permission from REN knot admin for your Tinyplots, only the AREA ADMIN (Currently: Azrahl/Carrick). I.E., if you want to kidnap an NPC from Telgar Hold, ask the admin of the Renegade Camp, then ask the admin of the Telgar Area. Tinyplots involving strictly NPC areas, such as Bitra Hold, need only permission from the Renegade admin.

Summary: If you want to make a TP, you don't need permission from the REN knot Admins, just the Area admins. It is suggested, though, that you seek advice from these people. Tiny Plots are delicate things, and often require a lot of OOC leg work before they can be pulled off. Plus, your plot idea could lead to bigger and better ideas, some you may not have thought of. So, seek counsel! We want to help you! Also, make sure you keep up with the Message of the Day (ren .motd) and Renegade BB (+bbread 22) often.

Note: The requirement for asking for Area admin permission is due to the tenuous, delicate status of the Renegade camp itself. The wrong TP in the wrong place could expose the Camp and impact a great number of people. While such great TPs are hardly banned, they could endanger more than just your character, so things often need to be looked at deeply.


There are many people that, as your character travels around the camp, he or she might talk to or hear about often. Some of these NPCs are camp leadership. Some are just the loudest person on the docks. You know, that guy who is always shouting about lizards crawling out of his fingers? Yeah, he's a weird one. Look at the characters described here and use the information in RP! Listen, in case you didn't know, PCs (player characters) are not the only ones around. And hey, do you have an NPC to be added to this list? Just @mail the knot admins and they'll be featured in the wiki among the Notable NPCs!


What do renegades generally think of riders? — Well, many dislike them. Some hate them. Some couldn't care either way. Note that the greatest danger to renegades, in general, are dragons. Who protects shipping fleets? Dragons. Who (or what) can bring reinforcements to a hold that is under attack in a matter of minutes (stupid firelizards)? Dragons. Who can breathe fire on a camp and burn it to the ground? Dragons. Not all renegades hate them, but they should be weary of them still.

Can my renegade become a rider? — This is a question that answers two ways. Yes and no. Look to +renhelp search for more.

Can my rider be a renegade? — Errrr… NO! Not really. A dragon would not be able to stand back while their rider committed crimes. Now, there is a line that might be toed… but, If you have any questions about this, feel free to talk it over with the Renegade OOC/IC staff. Some small things might happen… but ask, please.


Renegades are not banned from participating in Search provided you pass the weyr's criteria. Dragons WILL NOT search people who suffer from mental disabilities, the blind, deaf or severely crippled. Neither will they search known criminals and murderers. If you've killed someone and it was legitimately out of self defense, it can be taken as an exception. While you are a candidate, you will abide by the rules of the weyr you are currently residing until hatching day where some of you might become a dragonrider. You will remain a candidate ICly until you a) impress a dragon, b) are too old to stand, or c) commit a violent crime that will have you removed from the pool. If you are actually shooting for 'c', make sure the area admin of the weyr you're applying for is aware of it well in advance, OOCly, out of courtesy. Otherwise, OOCly, only being idle nuked, disciplinary action for misconduct or site banned from the MUSH would get you removed as a Candidate.

You will be removed from the knot if you impress as you are NOW THE ENEMY. :D No disclosing the location of the camp! If you don't impress, you can stay in the weyr and resume life or you can return to the camp. The choice is yours. Please read '+help candidate' in game or at +help Candidate for further guidance.


Pernworld has what is called a preference system (+help +prefs). These preferences, once set, will show up in your character's +finger. It allows people to often know what you like to Role Play. One of the preferences to choose from is "Death". If your character is set death "ok" people know you are okay, at least if it is thought out and planned, with your character being killed. While we do not, can not and will not force you to be death "ok", there /are/ things you must consider with your character.


The Renegade staff is the Out of Character body of players that is made up of players that are willing to help and are able to. Anyone interested in making a Renegade character should contact a staff member if they need any guidance to all things Renegade related.

Current Staff:

Carrick - OOC Consultant/Building/Code/Help Files/"Area Admin"/Newbie Help/IC Staff

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