The Resk Caravan

The Resk Caravan was established in 2563 by a pair of cotholders looking to settle into a more comfortable position following their self-proclaimed retirement from Bitra Hold. They weren't anyone important, merely drudges that wished to be their own boss so with hard work and lucky hands, they were able to get one wagon to start and a pair of beasts to pull it along on their way. On their travels, they met alot of interesting Pernese folk needing rides in exchange for directions one way or another across the continent: cooks, Tanners, Vintners (always welcome!), Woodcrafters, Smiths, Beastcrafters, Weavers and the occasional Harper lending a tale or music along the way.

The Resk Caravan was named in 2566, after a wher that was being transported from one small mining site to another. Holdless folk that were less than kind decided to pick the locks on the second bought wagon thinking good wares were inside but instead were greeted by the angry sounds of one blue with eyes whirling red with agitation. The couple was greatful for the creature's company during the short journey so their little crew named their train after Journeyman Rendan's companion. No one was hurt and nothing was taken, the Holdless running off into the night.

Turns later, the head of the train is led by direct descendants of the founding couple. Relatives of the small crew they gained the respect of over the turns still linger, bringing up children and beasts into the business of trade…

With veins filled with the hospitality of Bitra.

The Caravan currently has a population of 91 distributed between the thirteen wagons, not including beasts.

Each wagon within the Resk Caravan offers it's own charm along with it's own skills and services. Listed below is what each clans wagon offers to it's customers.

Kraine - Main Wagon - Skinning and major trade negotiations
Faust - Trinkets and Jewelry
Airell - Hunting
Baird - Carpentry
Cairbre - Weaving
Calhoun - Pottery and glass works
Cargan - Vintners
Morrigan - Healing and Gardening
Rousseau - Fishing
Wade - Beast breeders
Haldis - Scribes and messengers
Seoras - Cooks

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